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Father Christmas

If you’ve been endlessly searching for someone who embodies the spirit and personality of Father Christmas and is fully DBS accredited then your search is very definitely over!

Bryan’s been deputising for ‘the big man’ for over ten years and Father Christmas has expressed himself very well pleased with Bryan’s efforts on his behalf! 

In fact all the children and quite a few of the attendant adults who meet him think he really is – Father Christmas!

Bryan’s secret is that he actually talks to children – has real conversations with them and engages with them as real people, rather than slavishly working from a lacklustre and unimaginative ‘spiel’. 

Sometimes he even leads them in a song or two – he has a beautiful, memorable voice and, just for the record, he knows for certain sure that the only ‘Naughty List’ is the one he and Santa keep on grown-ups….!

This close to The Big Day, of course, it’s essential to rest all the reindeer so Bryan arrives by Volvo because luckily, Father Christmas has a concessionary arrangement with the nearby dealership in Trömso! 

That said, if circumstances allow, Bryan will always arrive early and leave late so as not to spoil any of the magic for the children by being seen walking across the car park and really that’s what Bryan does best…. conjures up a magical, wonder-filled experience for everyone, not just the wee folk. With his exquisitely, extravagantly beautiful costume, stout leather boots and genuinely exuberant and sparkling  disposition, he really can turn even the most jaded and sceptical of us into ‘true believers!’

Over the years Bryan has worked for Christmas Fairs, welfare organisations, fun-runs, schools, charities and private individuals… and he’s built up something of a reputation and a following – even amongst the grownups! The elves often bring in adults who still come to see him on their own because even though their kids “are too old for grottoes” their parents are still true believers’ if you’d like to chat through an idea please do drop him a line or, better yet, give him a call!

“The Christmas Carol Scrooge Bit.”

For anywhere in deepest, darkest Norfolk and Suffolk ( within a 50 mile radius of Norwich) we charge £ 95.00 for a two hour appearance or part thereof…… but longer than that, or further away, is negotiable.

If Bryan’s able to arrive early and leave late to avoid ‘breaking the spell’ you won’t be charged extra. If you’re a registered charity the charge comes down to £ 80.00.

If you’d like to talk to previous clients about precisely what you’re letting yourself in for then ask us to put you in touch with some of Bryan’s regulars…. they’re only too happy to give their recommendation!

A Very Happy Christmas to One and All!